Frag Rack hanger Kit


Frag Rack Hanger kit. Frag racks clip on to the plastic rod and hang from the top edge of the aquarium. No magnets or suction cups to mess with. Easily adjust the rack to the desired height. Remove the entire rack without getting your hands wet. Additional racks can be purchased separately then added to an existing rack to create a single hanger with multiple racks

The standard kit comes with one XS frag rack (4"x2-1/2"), hanger bracket and 6" rod.

    - Additional racks can be purchased separately and added to this hanger kit to create a layered or tiered look.

    - Comes in 3 different mounting brackets to match your tank style, rimless, plastic trim, and euro-braced.

    - Longer length rods can be selected for deeper tanks for a small upcharge.

    - Larger racks can be selected for small upcharges also.

        small rack is 2-1/2" x 6", medium rack is 3" x 7", and corner rack is 5" x 5"