Float Switch EuroBrace Bracket Kit


This bracket kit is designed with versatility in mind. The eurobrace bracket kit is designed for acrylic and glass aquariums with euro style bracing up to 5/16" thick. The kit comes with a bracket that mounts to a rimless tank or sump up to 1/2" thick, one 6" long 3/8" diameter ABS rod, and (1) float switch mount. No float switches are included with the kit. The 3/8" rod is made from ABS just like the printed parts and is adjustable up and down in the bracket. Last the float switch bracket fits a standard size float switch and can be adjusted up and down the rod for further versatility. Additional float switch brackets can be placed on the rod to add as many switches as you might need. Kits with 12" and 18" long rods are available also. The color choice is only for the printed parts. The 3/8" Diameter ABS rod will be black regardless of color choice.